Several Turn 12 on 12-12-12

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12-12-12-- Dates like today with repeating numbers have been recurring for the past twelve years.

This is the last year for nine decades where we will see numbers repeat like this.

For some, today isn't just the last date in this century with repeating numbers.

12-12-12 is also a few local students' 12th birthday.

"I just think it's really cool because not many people have birthdays on days like this, and it makes it even cooler because I am turning 12," said Josh Wilson.

For this Rich Pond Elementary sixth grader, turning 12 is just a normal day at school.

Except, Josh is one of few kids whose age matches the date of his birthday today.

"I'm actually turning twelve on 12-12-12," Josh said.

Josh's parents didn't realize he would have such a special birthday until they purchased the 2012 calendar at the end of last year.

"We just talked about how unique that was and how much of an honor it is to have that on such a special day. It wasn't planned, it just worked out that way and it's been a neat thing to celebrate," said Josh's dad, Mike Wilson.

For Josh, it's just like any birthday.

"It's just always a special day because it was the day you were born," he said

"He loves Mexican food so we're going to go to Pepper's, and the family is going to come out and join us, and I know that's something he's looking forward too," Mike Wilson said.

Also turning 12 today...

Jeron Moore of Russell County-- he was diagnosed with autism as baby and his parents say he wasn't expected to make it to his fifth birthday.

Other 12-year-olds on 12-12 include, Justin Minton of Hart County, Matison Cardwell of Bowling Green, Kylee Sartain of Bowling Green, and Tyler Hester of Bowling Green.

According to the Bowling Green and Warren County School Districts, 9 kids celebrated their 12th birthday today.

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