Sgt. JD Williams Unlocks Door to New Home

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It's been a year and a half in the making but today with the efforts of the community and the Helping a Hero Organization, Sargent JD Williams and his family were presented with the key to their new house in Woodburn.

Community members watched and flags were waved as JD, his wife, and daughter held back tears as they unlocked the door to their new home.

"I can't even begin to explain how amazing this house is to us and how much it's going to help our family out. It's amazing. I can't even explain," says JD Williams.

"Just pure excitement. Just knowing that were going to be able to move in here and watch my husband do all of the things that he could do before. He's going to be able to get around and it just makes all of the difference in the world," says Ashlee Williams.

JD stepped on an IED while serving in Afghanistan, causing him to become a triple amputee.

Wide hallways and a handicap shower are just a few of the specially designed features that will make everyday task less challenging.

"There's nothing here that I can't do and that's whats so amazing about it. I can actually do laundry, and I can take half of the stress off my wife," says JD.

With more than $100,000 raised, local workers volunteering countless hours, and the Helping a Hero Organization, a house was made into a home.

"To be able to come home to this. I mean it's unreal. We never expected anything like this," says Ashlee.

"So many people came together and took time out of their days to support one family and that means the world to us," says JD.

"He gave a significant sacrifice for his country and saved several of the people in his platoon as well as putting his life out there and I think we have an obligation to help our soldiers not only on the battlefield but when they come home as well," says Senator Rand Paul.

As JD calls it, the house of valor, means a new future for him and his family.

"It's our future. It just means the world to us," says Ashlee.

"I'll never be ashamed of my scars and that's because the people in Bowling Green they gave me something to be proud of. My wounds are something I'm proud of,"says JD.

The Williams family says they are happy to be home.

The four bedroom home in Woodburn is estimated to be worth nearly $410,000.

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