SKYCTC Hosts Children's Chef Camp

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Fifty five children filled the culinary arts kitchen at SKYCTC today learning everything from how to cook meals to cleaning dishes and folding napkins.

"We want them to figure out what it's like to cook. Put your hands in the meatballs, and make sauce from scratch and make cookies from scratch," said Executive Chef and SKYCTC and Culinary Arts Professor.

Riggs says many children today don't learn how to cook like they did years ago.

"I haven't really made meatballs for spaghetti before, and they turned out pretty good," said Chef Camp student Alex Ortiz.

"I've never ever had spaghetti with actually made meatballs with parsley and all the ingredients in them. So that's one of the things. Foccatia bread... I have never tried that before," said Chef Camp student Brady Moore.

Riggs says they have to give all the foods a shot at least once.

"Let them try everything. They have to try everything we're cooking, and if they don't like it, at least they know what it tastes like," said Riggs.

There's plenty of tasting going on here as they learn about a method called "TAAT."

"TAAT means taste, analyze, adjust and taste again. That way you know if it's proper to serve," said SKYCTC Culinary Arts Student Jeri Huffman.

After all that tasting is cleaning.

"Rinse stuff off that we use, and then we put it through this big thing, and when it gets washed we put all the stuff up," said Chef Camp student Brianna Yates.

One student explains how culinary art is somewhat like visual art.

"At least try to have one of each color on your plate, but I don't mean like eating skittles or m&ms. I mean broccoli for green or an apple for red. I mean healthy stuff," said Chef Camp student Madelyn Yonts.

That's a lesson the real chefs hope their students take home with them. The campers ranged in age from eight to twelve, and will continue learning how to make new meals for the rest of the week.

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