SKyPAC Won't Purchase Historic Church

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) --SKyPAC officials had been eyeing the vacant Taylor's Chapel A.M.E. Church next door when it went up for auction in August, and with the hopes of expanding their education department and preserving a piece of history they made a bid.

"Our bid at $250,000 was accepted with that contingency that we had 90 days to identify funding sources. We originally determined that we could not, and would not use funds that could impact our daily operations... the things we do on a daily basis like Memphis tonight," said SKyPAC Executive Director Tom Tomlinson.

The church was one of the first African American episcopal churches in South Central Kentucky, and Tomlinson hoped SKyPAC would be able to find donors interested in historic preservation... That could help them purchase the building within the contingency period.

"Unfortunately we weren't able to find a person or group of people that were particularly interested in the historic preservation aspect of the chapel, and so at this point we just have to let that contingency lapse," head Tomlinson.

Tomlinson says while disappointed SKyPAC must focus on their main goal of generating revenue through ticket sales and donations for everyday operations.

"Meeting that daily income need, and contributions is our first challenge. We have to meet that, and then we can look at special projects like Taylor's Chapel, so while we're sorry to let it go, we have to be true to our mission," said Tomlinson.

Tomlinson says that mission is to keep the performing and visual arts alive in the community. The future of the church remains unknown for now. The auctioneers for the church were not available for comment.

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