Safety Changes After Carrollton Bus Crash

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Since the Carrollton Bus crash 25 years ago, bus safety around our country has evolved. Technology has advanced greatly, allowing busses to incorporate new safety features, like flame retardant material, and rooftop emergency exits. Though the crash was devastating, it's helping make our children much safer on their rides to and from school.

School Bus

"The state has put a lot of emphasis on specifications of the school bus, such as how it's built. Most of your busses have a bow throughout the bus every so many feet. It's a continuous bow all the way from the floor to the other side. That makes the bus a whole lot stronger." said Alan Blythe, Training and Safety for Warren County Schools.

The bus in the Carrollton incident ignited because it ran on gasoline. Now most busses run on diesel fuel to prevent a similar incident.

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