Salvation Army Asking for Volunteers

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The Salvation Army of Bowling Green Adopt-A-Kettle program is currently underway and they say by volunteering to take a kettle out for even just a day, can make a big difference.

"By using volunteers, the buckets are always bigger. Volunteer kettles are always better because of the excitement level. Also, they have a great time, families get to volunteer together. Usually it's two or three people at a time. They have a lot of laughs and they see people they know in the community and that always translates into donations." said Major Ed Binnix of the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army says it takes fifty thousand hours to man all of the twenty-six kettles that are in service in our area. It says volunteers in Russellville and Franklin are desperately needed this season. The holidays are important to the group because twenty percent of their yearly income is accumulated at this time.

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