Salvation Army Needing Volunteers For Holidays

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The Salvation Army needs your help this holiday season.

The kettle campaign makes the most money for the Salvation Army each year.

Major Edward Binnex says the kettles with volunteers make more money than the kettles without.

The Salvation Army has started a new campaign where businesses and groups can "Adopt a Kettle for a Day", giving the opportunity for different people to ring the bell throughout the day.

"We raise approximately 20 percent of our income of the entire year from this six-week period. So, it is a fact that if we have a bad Christmas, then we have a bad year and it affects the services throughout the year," Major Edward Binnex says.

Kettle volunteers are needed most in Logan and Simpson Counties.

While the kettles bring in the most money throughout the year, the Angel Tree Program provides families in need with presents.

Major Carla Binnex says it crucial to provide every child with a Christmas.

"It helps tremendously because we have so many children that their families come and sign them up and they need assistance because the economy has been rough on them. This helps them provide that Christmas that their children are so looking forward to," Major Carla Binnex says.

If you would like to volunteer your time to the "salvation army" during the holiday season call (270) 843-3485 or visit

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