Salvation Army Serves Hundreds for Thanksgiving

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For most, Thanksgiving is a time to eat and gather with friends and family.

For several hundred who waited in line at the salvation army today, that thanksgiving meal meant so much more.

It was one of the biggest Thanksgiving dinners the Salvation Army has ever seen.

"I'm thankful for living here," four-year-old, Demontrae Beck says.

"I'm thankful for my family and being alive," says Rosie Goiner.

"I'm hoping I get to see my grandkids this year," says Donald Ryner.

While everyone was thankful for at least one thing, one woman was thankful to be alive.

"I'm thankful for having the good health that I have. I've been blessed. I've been in the hospital. I had mini-strokes."

Kathy Belk has been in the hospital several times in the last year.

Her hospital visits not only affected her health, it hurt her financially also.

"When you live on a fixed income it's hard to pay, to keep up with your bills and buy food sometimes. You can't really buy enough to live off of for a month, you know, month to month, and it's getting harder," she says.

Even through her struggles, she still wants to help others.

"I wanted to give back some way, and if I can't do something physical, I can at least encourage people."

Kathy continues to share her story with others, hoping everyone can find something they are thankful for.

"I am blessed."

And she appreciates what the Salvation Army continues to do for her, and many others every day.

"Places like this really help you to see that people do care," Kathy says.

She credits the Salvation Army and her church for getting her through her financial struggle.

The Salvation Army served more than 700 people this year, while last year they served 225.

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