Sandy, 1 Year Later, Remembered Along East Coast

Rockaways after Superstorm Sandy
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NEW YORK (AP) -- Some lit candles along the East Coast shoreline. Others marched on once-damaged boardwalks. "Lights out" parties were held in lower Manhattan. And volunteers helped rebuild homes.

One year after Superstorm Sandy struck, causing an estimated $65 billion in property damage and taking at least 182 lives, survivors remembered the day the storm left so much destruction in its wake.

Sandy came ashore on Oct. 29, 2012. On Tuesday, a crisp but clear day, people paid their respects to honor the lives lost and homes, businesses and family heirlooms destroyed.

On New York's Staten Island, bagpipers played "Amazing Grace," as Vincent Spagnuolo marched to honor his mother, Beatrice Spagnuolo, who was one of 23 people who died there during the storm. He said he still hadn't gotten over his mother's death.

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