Scam Circulating in Barren County

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It's a scam you might have heard of before or maybe even actually seen on the big screen, and something similar has made it's way to Barren County.

A man is going around offering to seal or asphault your driveway.

They say residents are being approached at their homes by a young man, driving a Ford pick-up, wanting to seal or asphalt driveways.

"The story that he was giving those folks was that he had been doing jobs here around Glasgow area and had extra material left over," said Barren County Sheriff's Deputy Mike Houchens.

Police say these scammers have taken it to the next level.

"When they did the original estimates on the jobs they were bidding by the linear foot, but once they got the job done they actually had paperwork. In that paperwork it was done by the square foot, thus being a little bit more for the job that they've done," said Houchens.

With this scam and many scams there are some ways to stop them before they start.

"Use local people because then if something goes wrong with the job then you can find them more readily and be able to them to come repair it and fix whatever needs to be fixed. Do they have have a business card that has a physical address on it?" said Linda Chambers, Better Business Bureau.

That's advice that could save you time and money.

If you have any inoformation about this possible scam, the Barren County Sheriff's Department encourages you to call their tip line at 270-646-8771 or the office at 270-651-2771.

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