School Bus Behavior Key For Safety On The Road

School Bus
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Warren County Public Schools have moved a program designed for the classroom onto the school bus. P.B.I.S. or Positive Behavior Intervention System focuses on kids who are well behaved rather than those who misbehave.

"Rewarding the good kids, the ones who are doing positive things on the bus, following bus rules and things of this nature and the children that are not following bus rules and stuff see the kids get the bus rewards and they will want to earn the bus reward," says P.B.I.S. Specialist Johnny Watkins.

The rewards for good behavior is making the school bus a much calmer place.

"We've actually seen a 37% decrease in write-ups across the county," says Watkins.

Some may be wonder how important is behavior on a school bus?

Bus drivers say think about when your own kids misbehave while you're driving in the car how hard it is to pay attention. Now multiply that by 50 kids on one bus.

"A lot of kids they have a lot of conflict. There are different children in every school and everybody doesn't get along," says Bus Driver Jackie Jordan.

Having a well behaved bus is vital in keeping kids safe and making sure drivers pay attention to the road.

Assigned seating and learning each child's name has changed the bus atmosphere.

"Each child is an individual and you have to treat them that way. Some of them respond well and some of them don't but the bus rewards have helped."

Although only a year old program for Warren County Pupil Transportation they say more positive changes are yet to come.

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