School Bus Safety After Carroll County Crash

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School bus safety is on the mind of many parents after the tragic accident in Carroll County. Some may be surprised to learn today's school buses are not equipped with seat belts. Warren County Pupil Transportation officials say without the device children remain safe on the road.

"They've designed the buses now with the seats that are a lot higher. We work with the children daily on safety of how to sit on those seats, to be safe," says Training Safety Manager Dee Enigk.

But safety starts with bus drivers. Those in Warren County go through 60 hours of training which includes dramatic real life situations.

"We will do what we call an off road where we will go approximately 35 MPH and have them bring the bus off the road, correct it and bring it back up on the road," says Enigk.

Bus drivers admit no matter how much training many accidents are caused by others on the road disobeying safety devices.

They are always on the lookout for trouble.

"They do run our stop sign quite often so it's a constant visual of the highway, scanning the highway to make sure to look for situations like that," says bus driver Jimmy Watts

And Watts says he gets a lot of help from the extra eyes on his bus.

"Certain days the students are to be quiet and listen especially when we come to a railroad crossing they have to listen be quiet and look for the train," says Watts.

Warren County says accidents do happen, but believe school buses may be the safest vehicles on the road.

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