School Mediation Scheduled For Saturday In Warren County

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The last time the Warren County Board of Education and the Bowing Green Board of Education exchanged proposals, the two groups were very far apart leaving many wondering what the next step may be. Now the next step is here.

It's been nearly a year since each school district has been trying to come together on a non-resident agreement. It may just happen Saturday at the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative where each school board will meet up for mediation.

"We're scheduled to begin at 9 o'clock and we have a mediator who's been assigned to the case," said Warren County Public Schools Superintendent, Rob Clayton.

"Representatives from each school district will adjourn to different rooms and the mediator will begin to work back and forth between the two groups," said Bowling Green Independent Schools Superintendent, Joe Tinius.

Each district feels like leading up to Saturday's meeting, that progress has been made. Both admit they want a long term agreement and that students should be able to attend the school of their siblings. One very big factor will continue to be what number of non-resident students can attend an out of district school.

"The gradual reduction. I think it's important to that anytime you look at a reduction that you gradually implement that process. It enables folks in the community to be able to plan accordingly," commented Clayton.

If neither side can come to an agreement on those numbers along with a host of others, than they're not obligated to agree to anything during mediation.

"If we're not able to come to agreement on Saturday, then we're looking at something similar to what happened last spring and summer," added Tinius.

That would be an appeal to the Education Commissioner and a possible court-style hearing led by a hearing officer.
Both sides say they hope it doesn't get back to that point, making mediation is that more important.

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