School Report Cards Released

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The grades are in for schools across the state. Locally Bowling Green Independent Schools are listed as proficient while Warren County Public Schools are considered "needing improvement". WCPS officials say the rankings haven't come as a surprise.

"This is our first year to receive this data, this is our first year to have this assessment and we have known since the beginning of the school year that we had some adjustments to make in our curriculum and instruction," says Assistant Superintendent of Warren County Public Schools Kathy Goff.

Goff says parents shouldn't be concerned. She says the proof is in the numbers as Warren County is separated from Bowling Green by 1.1 points. Both schools rank higher than the state average. New testing policies this year focused on getting students college and career ready instead of focusing on math and reading.

"We have always focused on proficiency in the past now we are focused on many things. We have broadened our perspective much more making sure that all of our students when they leave they are ready for what is ahead of them," says Goff.

The new sate policy has also shuffled curriculum.

"Some things that were taught at a certain grade level now may be taught much earlier than it was. For example you might have taught a particular skill in fourth grade and now that skill may be taught in third grade or maybe even second grade," says Goff.

No matter the ranking Goff says Warren County is always working to ensure students have the best education.

"We are constantly working on improvement plans. We are constantly trying to enhance our skills in the classroom and with our staff and so this is just another piece of data we will use as we move forward with our work in Warren County," says Goff.

The county says results next year will be a better, comparable example, of how schools rank state wide.

To check on your child's school ranking Click Here.

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