School Systems Compensate Employees for Snow Days

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Snow days are typically exciting for students to waking up to learn they do not have to ride the bus. But, what about the school bus drivers who learn they have no choice when it comes to missing work?

We spoke to Barren County School officials about snow days affecting employee pay checks.

Barren County School's bus garage, in Cave City, employs hourly paid bus drivers and mechanics.

The finance director tells us there is no gap in their income. This allows them to receive nearly the same amount of pay each pay cycle , regardless of weather related cancellations.

"Those days we made up at some point in the future. Therefore, we take their total pay, pay that twice a month and pay that out over 24 pay checks during the year. This ensures snow days don't affect someone's pay in our future," John Stith, Barren County School's Director of Finance.

The employee's classification in the school district determines how many days they are contracted to be paid for each year.

"Folks in our district can work as many as 259 days, and as few as 182 days," John Stith, Barren County School's Director of Finance.

Though each county school district's contracts vary in minor detail , the idea of it's pay schedule is similar.

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