Schools Await Non-Resident Decision

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Bowling Green, Ky. (WBKO) There's still no word regarding a decision between the Warren County and Bowling Green Independent Schools non-resident agreement. Hearing Officer, Mike Wilson, is still reviewing the case including briefs that were submitted from each sides' legal team last week. In the briefs, Warren County Schools said there's never been quote "pure school choice between BG or WC .... ever."

"What I do strongly believe is that every school district can provide that opportunity to parents, to at least pursue the school or district that they would like to have their child enrolled in." said Bowling Green Independent Superintendent Joe Tinius.

In the brief Bowling Green submitted, their document stated the recent action to cap non-resident students with state funding will have a "disproportionately negative impact on Bowling Green Schools without, really strengthening Warren County."

"What we've always tried to do is focus on those things that we can control and from this point forward we're really looking at what we need to do to be prepared to welcome all of our students and to have a very successful school year." stated Warren County Superintendent, Rob Clayton.

Neither district has backed down from what they believe is best and each of them say no matter the decision, they will be ready to serve their students when classes are in session.

"We have about four different scenarios that we've played out to make sure that we know if additional staff will need to be hired on short notice so we'll be ready to go." added Tinius.

"We're certainly prepared to welcome 14,000 students to Warren County Public Schools. Just look forward to seeing all of our students engaged in our classrooms." said Clayton.

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