Schools Make Changes to Keep Kids Safe During Extreme Heat

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Temperatures are on the rise, bringing some of the hottest conditions we've seen this summer.

The clock on the wall at Jody Richards Elementary shows it's time to get outside for recess, but this week the playground is empty.

"After watching the weather, we just thought we'd be on the safe side," said the principal, Stephanie Martin. "It's always about safety."

Extreme heat is keeping students indoors for the first time this summer.

"It hasn't been real popular this week, but I've taken away the outdoor recess," Martin said.

It might not be popular, but it's necessary, as NOAA reports heat is the number one weather-related killer.

However, the students still get time away from their desks, because the teachers usually have back-up plans -- like kindergarten yoga.

"Our kids do a great job dealing with that when we have to change the structure of things, and our teachers do awesome activities that are inside that are still physical, but a little cooler in the air conditioning," Martin said.

While most people can escape the heat, others aren't so fortunate.

"We're keeping track of the weather this time of year, because we have a lot of clients that are out in the weather, and right now, we're just surprised that our shelter is at capacity," said Capt. Mark Love, with the Salvation Army.

Despite that, Love said they're doing what they can to protect those without a home.

"We have water to help that, allowing people to come in and get out of the weather for a while and cool down, and then be able to see what they need," Love said.

He said the shelter is always in need of community support.

If you have to be outside, be sure to drink plenty of water and try to stay out of direct sunlight if possible.

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