Schools Thinking Of Ways To Make Up Snow Days

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BROWNSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- "I ran down to the store this morning to get some coffee and the parents were begging me, 'Hey! Let's have Saturday school!'" chuckled Grayson County Superintendent, Barry Anderson.

Parents, teachers, and administrators are growing concerned as not only the snow is piling up, so are the days missed from school. Edmonson County Schools missed their fourteenth day of the year on Monday. The system says all hands have been on deck every morning the past couple of weeks doing their best to make the right decision.

"We're getting up at 3:30 or 4 o'clock in the morning. There are certain roads. Historically we know what roads are going to be bad. We'll cover those roads first. Then we'll start backtracking to other areas. If they're bad, then we know we can't have school today," commented Edmonson County Schools Superintendent, Patrick Waddell.

Grayson County Schools has missed eleven days so far including every day last week. Officials said that extended period away from the classroom not only has an effect on the flow of a school year. It can also affect the education students receive.

"One of the reasons our assessment scores we're really good this past year is because we missed one day of school last year. Obviously our teachers do a great job with out kids, but you know if we've been out for six days. Are we going to be out a seventh day? Are we going to be out an eighth day? When we get back it's a challenge to get focused on really why we're here," added Anderson.

Both school districts said they're looking at all options. If the districts miss a couple more days in the coming weeks one of those options becomes more and more viable.

"Nobody wants to take away Spring Break either. Four years ago when we missed sixteen days, we had to take away three days of Spring Break," added Waddell.

Both superintendents admit they hope it doesn't come to that, but sunshine near the end of the day had them feeling optimistic about the rest of the week.

Many superintendents around the area spent the afternoon searching nearly every road in their county to make sure they had enough information on whether they should close schools Tuesday.

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