Scooter Davis To Be Honored By Kentucky Broadcasters Association

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He is a familiar voice on our radio during the morning drive. He's also a former face of WBKO, making an appearance at our 50th anniversary last year.

Now Scooter Davis is being recognized by the Kentucky Broadcasters Association by receiving the Stephen Foster Award.

"You know it's so funny. To be honest with you I didn't know a thing about it. First off, of course what a thrill and an honor. I am still trying to figure out why I got it. I'm like, all I've done is gotten up early and have fun everyday for 31 years here in Bowling Green," says Davis.

The award recognizes those for outstanding work in radio and influence on the music industry.

Myla Thomas has been working along side Davis for 22 years. She more than anyone has seen the impact his voice has on our community.

"Everybody knows Scooter has been helping in our community for years and years now. He's just one of those go to guys. If you need something done you call Scooter, if you need something on the radio you call Scooter," says Thomas.

"Whether it's for a cancer patient, whether it's for somebody trying to raise money for funeral expenses I mean these are all needs and that's where we thrive and do really good," says Davis.

While Scooter and Myla are two of the most recognizable voices in Bowling Green radio, it all comes naturally for the duo.

"What you hear on the radio is exactly where it's like in the studio. I mean we cut up constantly. I mean he throws things at me occasionally, however he has never reached over and slapped me like he says he has. We just have a good time," says Thomas.

Myla says the good times will keep rolling, perhaps now more than ever with an award winning partner.

Scooter will be presented with the Stephen Foster award at the Kentucky Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony, April 12, in Lexington.

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