Scottsville Family Adopts Children From Haiti

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One trip to Haiti about three years ago after the earthquake caused one Scottsville family to grow.

"She saw me and I saw her, and we fell in love, and I asked her if she could be my mom and she said yes," said Kerby Carver, who was adopted by the Carvers.

Michelle Carver's daughter had just gotten married, and her son was in college when she visited an orphanage in Haiti.

She noticed the older kids weren't getting much attention, and went over to Kerby.

They immediately connected despite a language barrier.

Later, he took a little girl over to her.

"I realize really quick that this was his little sister. This was almost like him saying, 'Okay, I know you love me, now love her,'" Michelle said.

Michelle said she was in tears as she was leaving -- thinking she'd never see them again.

However, she did. They started the adoption process before her husband even met them.

By Christmas 2011, Kerby and his sister, Kerlandy, came home to Kentucky with their new family.

This summer they went back to visit their biological father, who wasn't able to provide for them.

"He hugs us and he doesn't let go, and he keeps telling us thank you, thank you, thank you. And we realize what a huge sacrifice that was for him. He loved them so much that he gave them to us," Michelle said.

After seeing all the poverty in Haiti, they wanted to do more and started Helping Hands 4 Haiti.

"We just thought that we would raise our children, grow old together and our life would be as unspectacular as anyone else, but God has just completely wrecked our lives and we absolutely love every minute of it," said Jonathan Carver, Michelle's husband.

They have an orphange that feeds and educates more than 40 children so they can become successful in their Haitian society.

The Carvers said if you would like to learn more about or support their non-profit organization, you can visit their website for more information.

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