Scottsville Police Say Arson is the Reason for Burned Cabin

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Scottsville Police say a historic cabin burned to the ground over the weekend.

Police say no one noticed the cabin burning, because of fog and rain.

Tuesday morning, a cabin inside Dumont Park was found burned to the ground.

Police say it was arson, but they are finding it difficult to get leads from a pile of rubble.

"Our community can do better than this in showing gratitude toward it. We were really trying to do this up right, and this is what happens," Friends of Dumont Park President, Matt Pedigo said.

As a Civil War landmark, in the early 2000's Dumont Park became apart of the National Registry of Historical Places.

Pedigo said the cabin was just one of many projects they were working on to fix the park up.

"The cabin itself was meant to be an interpretive replica of a mid-19th century homestead, because this was a significant civil war site. We wanted to portray not only the life of the soldiers, but also the life of the civilians in the mid-19th century," he said/

The cabin was rebuilt from 200-year-old wood two years ago.

"We're extremely disappointed to see something like this occur, but we're not going to give up," said Pedigo.

He doesn't know if they'll get the money back.

"We're looking at least $10,000, and all of the sudden to come up here and have it burnt all the way down. Part of the money that was raised comes slow and we were still in the building process," said Scottsville Mayor, Rob Cline.

"We'd like to install some security cameras around the area at some point. If we can't catch the thugs that are doing this at least discourage it from happening it again," Pedigo said.

Pedigo is planning to build another cabin.

If you have any information about this case, call Crime Stoppers at 781-CLUE.

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