Second Fire In Two Weeks Strikes Southern Hopkins County

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MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- For the second time in a few weeks smoke filled the air in southern Hopkins County Tuesday when Passions Place Storage Buildings went up in flames.

"We arrived just shortly after South Hopkins' truck arrived," said Jason Eli.

If that name sounds familiar, it's because South Hopkins Fire Department is the station that lost their building in a blaze just two weeks ago. That didn't stop them from being the first group at the scene. It's also partly because Tuesday's fire was just one mile down the road from where their station used to be.

"They've got the equipment for an initial response. When you get into needing more types of equipment and more personnel. We have to bring that in," added Eli.

Eli is the chief of the Nortonville and White Plains Fired Departments. He and his crew were second on the scene Tuesday.

Wednesday the scene was much quieter as an investigator from the State Fire Marshall's Office combs over what's left. Firefighters in the county say although they are down one station, stopping the flames before they spread further is just an example of how one shortage isn't going to stop them.

"We all have to work in this county anyway. We're limited on manpower. We're constantly working together. It's not anything new for us," said Eli.

It's not just other fire station, the county is also stepping in to help in anyway they can.

"We're all looking right now to see if we can find a temporary building to store the fire engine and other equipment in. When everything was lost, it was completely everything lost," said Hopkins County Judge/Executive, Donald Carroll.

The cause of the blaze at the fire department has been ruled undetermined. As for the storage facility, the State Fire Marshall's Office said it's too early to tell what exactly sparked the fire.

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