Secretary of State Predicts Record Voter Turnout

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Secretary of state Alison Lundergan Grimes is expecting a record number of voters to cast ballots in next week's general election.

Grimes says, legislative races seem to be generating enthusiasm among Kentucky voters.

Early absentee voting is on par with the 2008 presidential election when about 64 percent of
Kentucky's 3 million voters turned out.

Nearly 73 thousand voters have cast absentee ballots.

Kentucky does not practice early voting but some agree it would an effective way to generate even more votes.

"I'm supportive of efforts to open our polls so we don't have barriers to our ballot box and that individuals regardless of whether they have an excuse can make sure they have their voice heard. It's something I'm definitely in favor of and we will be working with our legislators and hopefully you may see some changes,"says Grimes.

Polls will be open of November 6Th from 6am until 6 pm.

You must bring a valid form of ID, such as a drivers license, or social security card.

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