Sen. Paul Says Congress Should Compromise

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U.S. Senator Rand Paul stopped by our WBKO-TV studio Monday afternoon.

He told us he believes Mitt Romney will win the presidential election, because President Obama has had four years to improve the economy, and there are still 23,000,000 people out of work.

Some have said the current Congress has done very little in the way of compromise to get this country going again. The senator from Bowling Green believes Congress should compromise.

"I think really the compromise is on the spending side," said Senator Paul, "because both have their sacred cows. I mean you've got Republicans running around the country saying, 'I will not cut military spending.' I'm not one of those. I am willing to compromise on military spending. I think Democrats need to compromise on the entitlement spending, or on entitlement reform. I think we could come together. Entitlements have to be fixed in order to save, them because we're living longer, and we have smaller and smaller populations, and a bigger and bigger retirement pool. They will have to be changed in order to save them."

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