Sen. Paul Says it's Time to Slow Immigration Reform

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Several government officials believe now is the time for immigration reform.

Senator Rand Paul believes it's time to slow down immigration reform to prevent further attacks on U.S. soil.

"We do need immigration reform, and I'm in favor of that, but I want the debate to go slow enough that we can talk about how to make our student visa program more secure and also, this refugee program more secure," he says.

The most recent immigration bill would allow illegal immigrants in the U.S. to live here legally.

It would also allow immigrants overseas to come into the U.S. Legally, and provide an easier path to citizenship.

Sen. Paul supports the idea of the bill, and says the immigration system is broken, but he adds the Boston Bombings have created the need for a more thorough check.

"I am concerned about people coming into our country from the Middle East that they are not being screened properly and that some of these people have attacked our country. Just in Bowling Green last year, we had two people from Iraq plotting to buy stinger missiles plotting to attack our country turns out one of them's fingerprints were already on a bomb in the database, and we didn't know about it," he says.

Waad Alwan and Mohanad Hammadi were sentenced on terrorism related charges in Bowling Green, which included sending money, explosives and stinger missiles to Al-Qdaeda in May 2011.

Most Recently, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is suspected of helping his brother plan the Boston Bombings; his older brother Tamerlan was shot and killed by police.

While the Tsarnaev brothers were on a national terrorism watch list, Sen. Paul believes the government needs to pay more attention.

"There are some of us that are disappointed that this young man. The Russians tipped us off and then he was traveling back to Checknya. I think there should have been more scrutiny, and I think that some in government were unaware that he had traveled back to Chechnya and that's a problem," he says.

The Immigration Bill would allow nearly 11 million immigrants to live here legally.

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