Sen. Paul Talks Government Spending and Economic Development

HARTFORD, Ky. (WBKO) -- Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky said he's visiting several places in the area before spending time with his family this Easter weekend.

Paul spent time with several people in Ohio County bringing his message in Washington back home to the Commonwealth.

Paul said several people have been talking to him about jobs and economic development.

"They'd like the economy to be better. They'd like more jobs to be created. They'd like for when their kids graduate from college or high school, that there's a job out there for them. I think it's really gotten bad where kids owe a lot of money when they get out of school and there isn't the expectation of having good jobs so much," said Paul.

Kentucky's junior senator said the nation is in way too much debt, and a part of the problem is entitled benefits for Americans.

"Two thirds of your budget is Social Security and Medicare, Medicaid. It's never voted on, it's on auto pilot and that's part of the problem. It's called mandatory spending and we never vote on it. It just keeps going on uninterrupted and uncontrolled," said Paul.

He doesn't want to get rid of the programs, he said they just need to be better managed.

Paul is also a big supporter of less taxes and said that will help the economy.

"How can we have job for our kids? How can we have good manufacturing jobs in America again? How can we have good paying jobs for people even for people just as they get out of high school. What we need is, we need more money here. I always tell people, you want to stimulate Kentucky's economy, leave more money in it. Which means send less money to Washington," said Paul.

With all of those issues in mind, it's clear Sen. Paul has a bigger office on his mind.

That bigger office of course being the president.

He hasn't officially decided and he said it will be a family decision.

This weekend on ABC news he said the decision will likely come after this November's elections.

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