Sen. Paul Talks Health Care Solution; Also Skeptical of New Weapon

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- The national health care website, has had major problems while Kentucky's exchange site KYNECT has worked well.

Senator Rand Paul R-Kentucky said that doesn't really matter, the problem is the new health care law itself.

"Most people who are being canceled are now being forced or coerced by Obamacare to buy a more expensive insurance policy. So, if you were in the individual market, it's because you had less expensive insurance. Now you're being forced to buy more expensive insurance," said Paul.

Paul has spoken against the affordable health care act for a long time, and today he talked about a potential solution or what he would push for to change.

"One thing I've been proposing ever since I ran is to expand choices, not restrict how many insurances you could get, but actually expand the number and have more competition and drive prices down. One of way of doing this is expand what are called health savings account. This is where you can save money tax free and you would have a higher deductible policy, but it would cost less," said Paul.

While health care continues to make headlines, there's a new possible deadly force several are talking about, they're called plastic guns and are made a with 3-D printer.

Sen. Paul is skeptical about the plastic guns being truly undetectable.

"If a plastic gun that shoots something that would have any force, it would be a metal bullet and metal bullets obviously would be detectable. I'm not sure you can really have a fully functional weapon that's not detectable. Most of the magazines they tell me also require metal springs and loaders within them," said Paul.

The House passed a law pertaining to these plastic guns this week.

Paul will also be traveling to Detroit soon to open up the latest Michigan GOP office.

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