Sen. Rand Paul Weighs in on School Choice

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(WBKO) -- The topic of school choice has been a controversial one in Bowling Green and Warren County over the past several months.

Now, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky is going to Chicago and Milwaukee to host school choice events with local parents, teachers, students and community leaders.

Sen. Paul talked with WBKO about school choice here locally and the need for it in bigger cities.

"It's a matter of just choice for individuals, but I can say from my kids going to Bowling Green High School and we don't live in the district, they were involved and interested in having the choice to go there. It's also hard on us, because we have one that was a senior and one that was a freshmen. We wanted them to go to the same school to change in the middle would have been difficult for us. Ultimately, I think choice is good. Our problem in Warren County is we're choosing between good schools. All the schools that were open to my kids, we were happy with, but in Chicago or other places sometimes the education system is failing kids. There are parts of Louisville where the graduation rate from High School is under 50%. We need to fix those schools, and one way is allowing more competition between schools and allowing kids to go to different schools," said Paul.

Paul will be in Chicago and Milwaukee next week on April 22nd and 23rd.

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