Sen. Rand Paul Talks About Hemp, Marijuana and Ashley Judd

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When asked about the recent fate of the hemp bill in Frankfort, Senator Rand Paul says he thinks a bill supported by many was killed by a few.

"I think it would have passed overwhelmingly. I think many democrats are for it, but one democrat who ran the committee said no vote, and by using his authority, he basically went against the will of the people. I think that's disappointing," said Kentucky US Senator Rand Paul.

Another issue Paul finds disappointing is the punishment for those charged with personal use of marijuana.

"A lot of young people make mistakes, and I think drug use is a mistake, so I don't approve of it, but when young kids make a mistake, I don't want to see them put in jail," said Sen. Paul.

Paul says the problem is federal mandatory minimum sentences.

"Let's say your brother never ever did anything wrong... was never arrested... never had a traffic ticket, and then did get involved in marijuana. Would you want the judge to be able to take that into account, or him to get an automatic ten, fifteen or twenty year sentence in jail," said Sen. Paul.

Paul says he has a bill aimed at eliminating those mandatory minimums.

When it comes to the re-election campaign of his fellow Kentucky republican Senator Mitch McConnell, the talks of actress Ashley Judd running against McConnell aren't sparking much fear.

"I heard she wants to have her campaign headquarters in her mother's garage. I think her mother lives in Tennessee, so it would be the first campaign ever run in Kentucky with headquarters in Tennessee," said Sen. Paul.

Paul says before Judd can run, she'll have to prove she lives in Kentucky. When about his own plans for the future, and a possible run for president in 2016, Paul said he hasn't made a decision, but he wants to continue being a part of solving the country's problems.

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