Senate Approves Concealed Weapons in Bars

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Senate Bill 60 sailed through committee last week, and after some debate Thursday, Senators voted 30-4 to allow concealed carry permit owners to be armed in a bar.

"The carrying of a concealed deadly weapon is very serious business and I have trained several thousand people now to do that," said concealed carry instructor Phil Kimbel.

Phil Kimbel's first thoughts was you should always be in a clear state of mind to use a weapon.

"If someone should have to use a weapon, they should have absolutely clear judgment about making that decision. If you take someone who has any level of alcohol in their system, I think it brings into question the judgment they might use," said Kimbel.

Lawmakers addressed this concern, and Senate Bill 60 doesn't allow anyone who is drinking to carry in the bar.

Senators pushed this new bill through overwhelmingly, and those not in support say it is never a good thing to mix alcohol and guns in one setting.

"Having the consumption of alcohol potentially in quantities and then throwing into that situation, a number of folks who might be having licenses and weapons on their person, I just think is a combination we should avoid," said Kimbel.

Law enforcement's stance on this matter is simple.

"Kentucky State Police will continue to enforce any and all laws that are passed by the legislators. That's what we're tasked to do and that's what we will continue to do," said Kentucky State Police Trooper Jonathan Biven.

As the bill stands now, bar owners do not have to allow this. They can put up a sign that would prohibit people coming in with a concealed weapon.

The bill will now go to the House for consideration.

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