Senate Passes Temp Concealed Carry for Victims

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) The Kentucky Senate has passed a bill to create a quick process for domestic violence victims to obtain temporary concealed weapons permits.

The bill would allow abuse victims receiving court-issued protective orders to apply for provisional concealed carry permits lasting 45 days.

Republican Sen. Jared Carpenter said Wednesday his bill would help abuse victims better protect themselves.

Democratic Sen. Robin Webb called it a good deterrent, noting protective orders are made of paper.

The measure passed the Senate 35-0 and goes to the House, which has passed a similar bill.

Under the Senate bill, temporary permit applications would go to state police. Background checks would be required before the permits would be issued. Victims could receive firearms safety training within 45 days to convert short-term permits into regular concealed carry licenses.

The legislation is Senate Bill 106.

Also in Frankfort, A Kentucky House committee has defeated a bill that would have exempted school construction projects from the state's prevailing wage law.

The state's prevailing wage law requires governments in Kentucky to pay union scale wages on construction projects.

The bill would have excluded the construction of any elementary, secondary or post-secondary education building from the law.

Rep. C.B. Embry R-Morgantown said this allows the best workers to get the job.

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