Senator Rand Paul Presents Medals to Tornado Victim

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For a family that lost everything in a tornado getting back even the smallest items can mean the most.

Today for the Williams family Senator Rand Paul was able to replace a piece of history.

The Williams family will never forget that march 2nd at 7:15 PM they lost their home of 20 years and everything in it to an unexpected tornado.

"It's terrifying and after it's over with and you go out and see what it's done it's even more terrifying,"says Eddie Williams, tornado victim.

"All we worked for all our lives is gone in just a few seconds,"says Tatjana Williams.

But today Senator Rand Paul was able to restore something that was lost.

"Sargent Williams served in Vietnam and he lost his medals in the tornado and about a year or so lost his house and his medals. It's one of the neat things we can do through our office is we go back and search the records and get the medals replaced,"says Senator Rand Paul.

The Williams family made the trip to Bowling Green from Hawk Creek where the Senator personally presented each medal.

"It's a miracle he got them and helped me get them all it was real nice of's something I won't forget,"says Eddie.

"I think they're important one for the country to show their appreciation and also very important for the soldiers,"says the Senator.

Mrs. Williams says its the little things they lost that she misses the most.

"The kids baby pictures, pictures that I had from him in the service and any kind of little pictures you have is what you miss the most,"says Tatjana.

But today the Williams family not only gained the war medals but a new perspective on life.

"Thank god for each day you get,"says Eddie.

"Just take it one day at a time and hope for the best,"says Tatjana.

After two months in a hotel the Williams family is currently in their new home and Eddie says he is excited to have a front porch again.

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