Republican Senators Look to Appeal Healthcare Act

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Kentucky's Republican Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul were both in Bowling Green Tuesday to answer physician's questions on healthcare reform.

Both senators are looking for change in the Affordable Healthcare Act after this year's election.

The Affordable Healthcare Act, also referred to as "Obamacare" is the future of healthcare for most people.

But, just as it's being implemented, the GOP is looking to appeal it after the election.

"I think one thing that might bring Democrats around is, once it's in place, we are going to find out we can't pay for it. You know, we're $35 trillion short for Medicare. And now we are going to insure 45 million new people and it's just going to add more burden to the system," Sen. Rand Paul says of the Affordable Healthcare Act.

Both Senators want to hear from physicians, who may be affected by this act most.

"I get a lot of the same feedback that they are worried about 'Obamacare'," Sen. Paul says.

"I think the idea of having more government in between me and my patient is something that is not appealing to me. Having this Affordable Healthcare Act go into full affect is concerning to me," says Dr. Joseph Gass, a gynecologist with Graves Gilbert Clinic.

Senators Paul and McConnell both touched on ways to make healthcare more affordable.

Unlike the Affordable Healthcare Act, they are looking for ways to give people the option to pay for cheaper insurance, instead of providing a form of government-approved insurance if a person cannot afford it.

"I think the ideas of the health savings account that Sen. Paul mentioned is a great idea for people," Dr. Gass says.

"I think getting multi-year policies to make health insurance more like term life insurance can have the predictability, to where if you still get sick you'll have insurance, if you lose your job you'll have insurance, and then if you could get it cheaply over many years with a rising deductible, I think there are a great deal of benefits," Sen. Paul says.

But the only sure way the Senators believe they can fix the current healthcare issues would be to have a republican controlled government after the November elections.

Senator McConnell believes healthcare will continue to be an issue as Baby Boomers live longer and require more medical services.

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