Severe Weather Rips Through Barren and Allen Counties

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High winds and severe weather tore through the area along the Barren and Allen county lines near Barren River Lake early Wednesday morning.

"A lot of trees were down in the recreation area, and we had a building here by the dam, it's called the overlook, probably some people are familiar with it. They can come over and can see the lake and also see the river from that vantage point. Unfortunately, part of that building was taken down by the winds," said Carlos Lopez, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers had to coordinate the clean-up without electricity.

"It definitely makes it more challenging with electricity being off, fortunately we have cell phones came in handy for coordinating the survey of the damage, and also reporting that up onto the folks in Louisville," said Lopez.

Those in the area said the winds coming through were strong.

"It started about 20 till four this morning, and a lot of it looks like it straight line winds, because it's generally in just one direction they're blown," said Jennifer Taylor.

Taylor has been helping out some family friends after the storm who had several trees knocked down and even a barn destroyed.

"From here on 1533 down to barren river dam on the government, she's had a lot of damage there. She's had barns blown over, tractors stuck in the barn, and they had to cut it out," said Taylor.

Peninsula Marina also saw damage down near the lake.

Now all involved are just trying to pick up the pieces.

Lopez says it will take the corp of engineers five or six days to clean-up all the affected areas.

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