Shelter From The Storm

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Residents of Oklahoma that had their homes ripped apart by tornadoes earlier this week had only minutes to prepare before disaster struck. Warren County Emergency Management says it's an example of why each and every family should have a severe weather safety plan. They also say weather radios should be a large part of that plan.

"The power goes out, you still have a weather radio that's going to let you know where the storm is at and where it's coming to. You can program your radios to let you know if there is a flood warning, severe thunderstorm warning, tornado warning. It can let you know many different weather outlets." said Brooke Blair of Warren County Emergency Management.

For homeowners who have a fear of severe weather there are plenty of options. In fact, you can put a safe room or reinforced room in your garage; but home builders say that can cost up to $8,000. That's just not affordable for most homeowners. If you don't have a severe weather room in your home, where do you go?

"The safest place to go in a house is usually going to be under a stair case or an interior section of a room away from windows. That's going to be some of your stronger points. The most protected from outside elements from storms." commented Darrel Sweets of Sweets Design Build.

For those with a home that has two levels, builders say the ground floor is the safest, despite the weight that rests on top.

"You want to obviously try to get to the first floor. That's your safest place, your strongest place. All of those are usually stronger to bear that load that is above it as well." added Darrel Sweets.

Emergency management officials say families that live in a mobile home should seek out a secondary building with a safe area such as a friend's home for safety during a storm.

To find out ways to make your home safer when severe strikes, click on the link below.

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