Shooting Involving Police Officer

shooting investigation
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The incident began around 2a.m.on Sunday, when Kentucky State Police says Gregory Harrison of Brownsville called Bowling Green Police.

"In the phone call made to the 911 dispatcher, he said he was going to kill his brother. He made the comment that he was in the parking lot with a gun. He told them no one was there to help him. And by the officer's original statement, when they pulled up, Mr. Harrison was saying, "shoot me." He had his hands in his pockets. He refused any type of verbal command by the officers to show his hands. He continued on toward the officers," said K.S.P. Public Affairs Officer, Trooper Jonathan Biven.

Police say that's when officer Keith Casada Junior fatally shot Harrison.

K.S.P. says that every shooting situation is different, but there are common ways to evaluate how to deal with situations like these.

"If an officer feels that his life is in some type of imminent danger, whether that be threats that are made, or whether that be pointing a gun at the officer, or pointing a gun at someone else. We have to react to that."

The manager of a nearby business gave his take on the incident.

"I'd say he should have listened to what the officer said."

He has been arrested and jailed 19 times, with many of those charges related to alcohol intoxication. This is not Harrison's first incident of this nature. A Nov. 1998 arrest citation shows that Harrison made a 911 call from a public pay phone, and he was intoxicated then.

In Jan.1998, a Warren County grand jury indicted him for unlawful imprisonment for restraining his mother. That was reduced to a misdemeanor under a plea agreement.

An unsealed medical record from the court file dated to Dec. 1997 noted his medication may have been incorrect.

K.S.P. say Harrison's body has been taken to the Kentucky Medical Examiner's Office in Louisville for an autopsy.

Kentucky State Police is investigating the shooting. When completed, there findings will be sent to the Commonwealth Attorney's Office for review. A decision will then be made on whether to present the case to a grand jury.

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