Black Friday Fight As Target Opens Its Doors

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The joys of holiday shopping turned ugly late Thanksgiving night at Target in Bowling Green after the rush to be the first into the store turned in to an all out brawl, and it was all caught on camera.

The video, posted on You Tube, shows a man jumping over shopping carts that are used as a barricade for a line to enter the store. Target security quickly attempted to subdue the man. Although the store had their own security Bowling Green Police was called.

"When our officer arrived the fight had already concluded so we were just in the process of trying to locate all the people involved and get their side of the story," says Officer Ronnie Ward.

A police report was filed by Mandie Silas.

Silas claims she was outside watching the line of people walk in when she was pushed into the crowd. According to the report those in the crowd said Silas was cutting. Some attempted to remove her from the line and that is when the man jumping over the carts, Silas' step-father, took matters into his own hands.

BGPD says no charges have been filed and the case is now out of their hands.

"When it is a misdemeanor, in this particular case it was a misdemeanor assault, then the person who is the victim they are required to take a copy of the report over to the county attorneys office to seek prosecution," says Officer Ronnie Ward.

Late Monday afternoon Target released a statement saying safety of their guests and employees remains a top priority.

News of the fight quickly spread among customers shopping on Black Friday.

"Our experience has been peaceful being at Toys R Us and now Target. I guess we missed all the mayhem before hand," says Tamra Carter.

The fight did occur when the store opened just after 9 p.m. The earlier opening is a new trend made by many retailers this year.

The family who filed the police report also contact WBKO late Monday Afternoon and said they wish to forget the incident.

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