Shoppers Preparing for Dangerously Cold Weather

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- As the winter storm rolls in...

"Pretty scary, it's going to get really cold I'm thinking," said Amanda Cherry, who was out getting groceries before the dangerously cold weather hits.

Store shelves are looking bare.

"We've seen a major increase in the number of people coming in, wanting to buy products -- heaters, insulation for pipes and outdoor faucets -- pretty much anything related to winter weather," said Steve Motter, the manager at ACE Hardware.

Motter said his store had long lines most of the day Saturday.

"Basically out of everything. We've got a little ice melt left, some shovels, but anything related to cold in particular, we're completely out of at this point," he said, adding they'll get more supplies in stock again Tuesday.

He said no one was really expecting severely cold temperatures.

"The last couple winters have been a lot warmer than normal or have been fairly mild winters, and it's kind of caught everybody by surprise this year," Motter said.

He said there are many ways to protect your home, like leaving your faucet dripping so the pipes don't freeze up overnight. That can keep pipes from exploding -- saving you from a costly mess.

"Whether it's weather-stripping your doors and windows, insulating your windows, just kind of help keep that hot air inside your home," he said was another idea that could also save on energy costs.

It wasn't just hardware stores. Grocery stores were also packed Saturday.

"None stop all day long," said Nick Walters, the assistant manager at Priceless IGA. "All for weather -- as soon as they call for snow, they flood our doors."

What were those shoppers buying?

"Eggs, bread and milk," observed Walters.

"We wanted to get some milk and some hamburger meat -- stuff to make some good old dinners at home so we ain't got to get out in the cold," Cherry said.

However, the American Red Cross says you really need non-perishable, easy-to-prepare foods like granola bars and soup -- in case the power goes out.

It also recommends getting plenty of water, and keeping flashlights, extra batteries and blankets on hand.

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