Shots Fired After Midnight in Plum Springs

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The Warren County Sheriff's Office says just after midnight Monday, February 20, several deputies, along with the Kentucky State Police, responded to the 300 block of Lower Stone Avenue, and the 800 block of Moorman Lane, due to shots being fired. Deputies heard several more when they arrived at the scene.

Authorities determined three suspects were firing shots from behind a residence toward Moorman Lane. They found firearms at the scene, ranging from handguns to high powered rifles. The three suspects were all arrested at 398 Lower Stone Avenue.

Upon initial contact, 32-year-old Jarrod Choate was arrested for menacing. He, along with 25-year-old James Goodnight and 27-year-old Brian Andrews, were also arrested for wanton endangerment. All three were lodged at the Warren County Regional Jail.

Authorities say alcohol was a factor in the incident.

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