"Should Gun Stores Voluntary Take Assault Rifles Off Their Shelves?"

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The gun debate is continuing throughout the nation.

In a news conference earlier today, President Obama touched on some issues on gun control.

He says Vice President Joe Biden is expected to have some recommendations about current gun issues within the next few days.

With this debate, gun owners are afraid their second amendment rights could be compromised.

We asked, "Do you think gun shop owners should voluntarily take assault rifles off their shelves?"

"No. The gun shops should have anything they want to. You should just have the proper paperwork to be able to buy it," says gun owner Donnie Collins.

"Then you are saying that you aren't for the second amendment. It's certainly everybody's right if they want to own a gun. I think if everybody wants a machine gun then that's what they should have. If they want to pay the tax stamp and go through the paperwork and have it," Guns 'N' More owner Claudis Walker says.

Walker says most distributors nationwide have a ten-month wait for shipments of most semi-automatic weapons.

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