Should More Schools Start A Year Round Schedule?

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - The calendar says July, but parents are already grabbing their shopping carts and filling them with school supplies. Students will return to class soon and it's right around the corner for Beth Chaudoin. Her son starts in Logan County on Wednesday. Although it's an early end to summer, Chaudoin believes it will enhance learning.

"I remember as a child those long summers, sometimes going back was hard because we did forget a lot of the items we learned from the year before," says Chaudoin.

But parents in Simpson County, like Karen Monroe, don't send their kids back until August 14. That is the latest the district has ever started. Monroe says a full 12 weeks of summer allows for more quality time.

"We have a family that we use to vacation with on the Outer Banks and we couldn't go with them anymore because they always go the last weekend of July or early August and up until this year we haven't been able to do that with them," says Monroe.

School start dates are decided by each district, but the state requires they have 175 teaching days. Warren County officials say they plan to keep kids out of school during the dog days of summer.

"Typically the first couple weeks of August are very hot, so what we try to do is look at either the first or second week of August. This year we are starting on August 8th," says Director of Student Services, Pat Stewart.

But some believe that date is still too early and school should start in September.

"We have people that want to start after Labor Day, but when you do that in this part of the country with the amount of snow days that we have that could push us having school to mid to late June," says Stewart.

Warren County has planned days for snow. If everything goes according to plan their last day is May 21st.

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