Simple Things To Make Your Life Warmer And Easier In Cold Weather

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- From trying to defrost your car, to keeping the heat inside your house, battling with winter can be exhausting. In this cold weather snap there are many simple things you can do to make your life easier and warmer.

Such as when it comes to getting into your car. You may have trouble opening the door if you don't have de-icer on hand, but no worries, there's a solution.

"On cold mornings like it was this morning, everybody's going to come out and their doors and windows are going to be froze. So the easiest way is to take cold water, and pour it around the seam of your door. It will work it's way in and it will find it's way around and slowly thaw out the door enough to get it open," said Jimmy Chafton the Owner of Tech Tune.

Another big concern for people is having their pipes freeze, but there are a few simple steps you can take inside to prevent the potential problem.

"What we've done here is we've opened the cabinet doors and what we're doing is allowing the heat from inside the home to get under the cabinets where the pipes could possibly freeze, and what that's going to do is help the pipes from freezing. We've also left the water dripping at a slow drip here to ensure there's pressure on the pipes and we're continuing to keep pressure there, and allowing it to just drip a little bit so it does decrease the risk of freezing," said Dawn-Marie Mohon the Operations Coordinator of Gra-Tac Heating & Cooling.

As far as keeping your home warm, you have to start on the outside to keep the heat in.

"Anything you can do to make the outside of your home sealed better. Close your crawl space or close those foundation vents. Check around where a unit comes into your home, if you can feel air moving there you definitely need to seal it, because the warmer air that's under your home can get out and the cooler air can get in," said Mohon.

And if you feel like you need help getting your home weatherized, there is help out there.

"There's some great programs out there to help. One of them is you can get an in home energy audit from energy rights solutions. It's a very low cost audit, but they will identify some problems that will need to be addressed as far as insulation in the attic, in the crawl space, they'll look at just some different things you can do to make your home more efficient," said Mohon.

Experts say it's better to pay the small cost up-front to weatherize your home, than to have damage done by the cold, and have to pay more for repairs later.

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