Simpson County Industrial Expansion

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The Wilkey North Industrial Park in Franklin is proving to be a great place to expand. RKW Danafilms just announced it will be leasing additional space from Vermont Thread Gage, another business in the park that has outgrown its building and built a new one.

"It's kind of neat that you have a business expanding in that location, and taking a building that's really only ten years old and was too small, because that business is already expanding and building a new building. That particular park has seen a number of expansions," said Simpson County Judge Executive Jim Henderson.

With the additional space will come ten additional jobs.

"Obviously it's great to hear about a hundred or two hundred or three hundred jobs. Those are big numbers, but even adding ten or fifteen jobs here or there in the economy we've had is really positive," said Henderson.

He says those jobs won't be limited to Franklin.

"We really serve more of a regional job hub in our area. We have about twice as many people who actually drive into Franklin everyday to work as drive out of Franklin to work," said Henderson.

One reason Henderson says the county's industrial parks like Wilkey North, and Sanders Interstate Industrial Park thrive, is spec buildings, built to be sold or leased to almost any kind of industry.

"It's all ready ready to go. They don't have to wait to build it. They don't have to invest themselves in building something," said Henderson.

Henderson says spec buildings tend to be great opportunities for smaller industries looking to grow, and his hope is that much like Danafilms, they will grow within the community.

RKW Danafilms already expanded once within Wilkey Park, nearly doubling its facility in 2010.

The new 11,000 square-foot building will be used for additional office space and as a product distribution site.

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