Simpson County Schools Out Thursday

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Simpson County Schools, like many other districts, have been out all week, and they're out again on Thursday.

We spoke with those with Simpson County Schools about the decision and their calendar.

"It's part of it, and the safety, well-being of our students and staff have to play at the top priority in the decision making process on these kinds of days, but boy I can tell you we'd like to be in school," said Superintendent Jim Flynn of Simpson County Schools.

The snow can't be stopped, and because of safety reasons, neither can snow days.

"They do wreck a lot of havoc on our school calendar," said Flynn. "Of course, we're a learning organization, and the continuity of the learning process is key."

Each time the weather gets bad, several people with Simpson County Schools go out to check the roads.

"Three of four of us go out in different parts of the county," said Brian Talley, Transportation Manager with Simpson County Schools. "We'll drive some roads that are typically bad spots. Then we'll call each other and report what we find."

And they even take pictures to show how bad some roads are.

"A lot of our back roads out in the county, roads that are not traveled much, are still iced over," said Talley.

Which means the Wildcats will not be in class on Thursday.

They have a make-up plan, and so far they will not be going to school into June but a few more missed days could change that.

"We're starting to plan next year's calendar, and we're thinking about some innovative ways to look at making up days since the last two winters including this one have been pretty challenging with weather," said Flynn.

They are also considering some plans short-term, like possibly using President's Day as a make-up day just in case.

"At this point who knows?" said Flynn. "We could miss zero more days the rest of the year, but I've already looked at the extended forecast. Next week doesn't look too good at this point, but we'll just have to wait and see what happens."

Once again, Simpson County Schools are closed on Thursday.

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