Sister City Visits Bowling Green

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Many may not know, this marks the 20th anniversary of our sister city relationship with Kawanishi, Japan.

And this year 14 visitors traveled all the way from their homeland to experience a piece of Bowling Green.

After nearly 20 hours of traveling they have arrived in Bowling Green and among the first stop, Lost River Cave.

"This is our 20th anniversary so we decided to bring more to Bowling Green and to let them know more about Bowling Green and love Bowling Green"

Since October 16th of 1992 Kawanishi has established a relationship with Bowling Green and this is the first time since 2006 that 14 adults were able to make the trip.

"I'm sure I believe they be big fan of Bowling Green now."

They hope to establish a relationship in which each culture can learn from the other.

"It gives us an advantage to learn about the Japanese culture so much of the world is changing and becoming smaller with exchange."

"It's a bridge to connect people."

For some members it means creating a bond between two cities that are 9,435 miles apart.

"More people should come to Bowling Green and also the people in Bowling Green should come to our city and we share something together."

And for others it's a home away from home.

"It's my hometown in the U.S. so I feel relaxed and comfortable and very happy to be here."

While Mariah's, Shopping, and the Kentucky Museum are also on the itinerary they are most excited about the Medical Center 10K.

"I going to win the 10K classical."

All 14 visitors will be running in the race.

Kawanishi is located in the South Central Region of Japan, near Kyoto.