SKyPAC Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

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SkyPAC is now one year old, and as they look back, some here say it has already come so far.

"A year ago, we had programs planned. We had all sorts of national touring acts coming in, in hopes the community would come, and what we found out in this first year is the community is coming. the seats are full," said SkyPAC Education and Visual Arts Director Andee Rudloff.

Packed seats certainly help revenue, but officials say its success wouldn't be possible without the generosity of the community.

"Donors are the life blood of SkyPAC. What we don't earn through ticket sales, is what we get from our donors. The community has embraced SkyPAC so much. To date, we've raised more than three million dollars," said SkyPAC Development and Communications Director Laura Holderfield.

To show their appreciation, SkyPAC hosted a Founders' Dinner right on their stage tonight, because they say without them, there would be no stage at all.

"We're able to offer youth programs and educational programs. We have galleries. We have summer camps," said Holderfield.

SkyPAC has hosted some big names, but Rudloff says it's the opportunities it gives to local artists that make it a great investment.

"SkyPAC is not only a venue to feature big acts, but also put local artists and local performers on a really big stage, maybe for the first time," said Rudloff.

Some of those first-time artists are the children from area schools, like those who recently participated in the Scholastic Art Program.

"The award ceremony was held here, and the exhibition hung very professionally. I think it was really good for the students to actually come to 'SKyPAC' to experience that," said Bowling Green High School art teacher WT Stinson.

Another of those local artists is Stinson, who just completed his own exhibition here at SkyPAC.

SkyPAC continues its one-year anniversary celebration tomorrow with a Community Day from noon to 4 p.m. It will be filled with dancing, singing and art. The event is open and free to the public.

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