Dangerous Road Could Have Contributed to Fatal Simpson Co. Accident

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This is the curvy road where an Amish buggy and a car collided this morning, leaving one woman dead.

Roarke road is known for being dangerous. One man who lives on the road did not want to be identified, but says this isn't the first accident.

"The curve is really dangerous. No good visibility. You can't tell if something's coming around the curve until it's too late," said the nearby resident.

You can see from a driver's perspective this road is narrow, has no yellow lines, and no shoulder. It also has hills that hide a blind curve.

Law enforcement say speeding was not a factor in the accident, but caution drivers to slow down and take extra precautions in rain.

"When it rains after it has rained in a few days, all that oil that's on the ground begins to float, and then you're in a car and hit your breaks... your going to slide," said Simpson County Sheriff Chris Cline.

It's much darker now than earlier today when the accident happened here, but you can see if you look at the ground, the puddling of oil the Sheriff was talking about that can create those slick roads. Most of it has been washed away by the rain during the day, but if you look closely, when you shine the light you can see the reflection. These might not be something you can see while you're driving, but nonetheless something to keep in mind, and maybe a good reason to slow down.

There are recommended 25 mile-per-hours signs in the area, and Cline strongly advises taking that recommendation.

Police say the Amish couple, 71 year-old Eric Kraley and 68 year-old Leah Kraley, both of Allen county... Were southbound in their buggy when 20 year-old Matthew Holman's car hit them broadside.

They were both ejected and taken to the Medical Center in Franklin.
Leah later died. Eric is reported to be in stable condition.

Sheriff Chris Cline says Holman was not speeding.

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