Small Businesses See Boost During Holiday Season

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Locally owned stores may not have the glitz and glamor of a corporate retail name, but the holiday season is just as important to them as it is to corporate chains. Stores like Pineapple Lily and Grumpy Girl in Franklin have seen a jump in sales this holiday season despite not having the exposure that a superstore has.

"The holidays have really picked up more than I expected. We definitely needed the holidays to get us through. Most of the merchants will look for the holidays to help pull them on out for the year." said Teresa Perkins of Pineapple Lily.

"The store traffic has really picked up over the last three to four weeks. Our internet sales have remained steady." added John Eversole of Grumpy Girl Soap & Bath Co.

During the holiday season big stores rely on days like Black Friday with crazy deals and crazy crowds. But small town shops like the ones in Franklin rely on good service and the loyalty of their customers.

"Our customers are very loyal. We've gotten to where we're branching out. We're seeing more come from Bowling Green and Nashville to shop because they want to get away from the busy cities." said Perkins.

"Repeat customers are absolutely essential for a small business' growth and its ability to stay in business. We do have a really loyal fan base that follow and are absolutely are repeat customers." added Eversole

Small town shops often times do things to keep that loyalty even if it means going the extra mile.

"They come in because we are local. They want to support us so we can stick around. Secondly we offer free gift wrap and we do citywide delivery free and not everybody does that. Definitely your big box stores don't do that." commented Perkins.

So to make last minute holiday shopping a little easier this year, you might try a hometown shop, because you may just find something you like.

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