Smallhouse, Cave Mill Road Construction Continues

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The changes are drastic on Cave Mill and Smallhouse Road in Bowling Green. One month ago was a two lane narrow road, now the road is a bit wider and construction is continuing.

"The last few days we have had some rains that have slowed things down but last night we made a lot of progress excavating some weak spots on Cave Mill Road," says Mac Yowell, Director of Public Works for Warren County. The city and county are overseeing the project as a private developer does the actual work.

While the project is on schedule, it hasn't come without some issues.

"Driveway problems, my wife popped a tire on her car over the pot holes we had and the under ground dog fence, you can see the yard," says resident Chris Early.

Those are just the problems during the day. Most of the work is at night, including milling and paving, which means another set of issues.

"Our whole house rattled. I mean the entire house rattled. When you have two babies in the house it's not the easiest thing to deal with," says Early.

The county says night work is to decrease traffic problems. They are trying their best to keep drivers and residents happy.

"Certainly it is hardship on some residents because when you work at night you have lights, you have the noise from equipment there is no way to stop that," says Yowell.

As for Chris Early, he can't wait for the project to be finished.

"Ill be looking forward to this road in front of my house getting complete," says Early.

The private developer that is heading up the project says they will pay for the damaged tire and has offered to place the family in a hotel during the night time hours of construction.

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