Smiths Grove Celebrates Resident's 100th Birthday

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Usually when a person turns one hundred, everyone wants to hear a story about what they've seen over the years. But it was quite the opposite Sunday in Smiths Grove.
"To see this much out pouring of love toward her on her birthday, it means a lot to me and it means a lot to her," said the son of the birthday girl.
Friends and family gathered at Carrie Lee Jordan's home to celebrate her One Hundredth birthday; but rather than asking her how she felt, they told her how they felt.
"You know we're very proud of you. We love you. We all wish you was out there swinging in the trenches with us," stated City Commissioner Jessie Varner.
And the the guests just kept on coming.
Carrie Lee was born and raised in Smiths Grove.
She wasn't just a resident, she was and is, the heart and soul of community.
The Mayor of Smiths Grove Bert Higginbotham knows gave a little history on Ms. Jordan and Smiths Grove.
"Carrie Lee's husband became Mayor of Smiths Grove in 1961, and we he would solicit chief help because he drafted Carrie Lee to be the Sexton of the cemetery. She was Sexton of the cemetery from 1961 until 2005. It's hard to imagine someone retiring at the young age of 93 but that's what she did."
Known as one of the most loving people around, Carrie lee always stuck by her family, and her family always stuck by her.
"You can never say anything remotely negative about Carrie Lee, or it'll be to one of her relatives, or it'll come back at you. No! That's Aunt Carrie Lee or something like that," said Higginbotham as he reflected on the memory of Jordan and he family.
The person that's always been the closest is her only son Joe, who's been her primary care giver since she became bed ridden seven years ago. He says even though sometimes things get tough, they have one very special bond.
"Yeah we have some battles sometimes, and sometimes she'll say, "I appreciate what you do and I love you. You know, that means a lot and i love her."
Today wasn't just the celebration of one single day for Carrie Lee and her family. It was a day to remember all she's done for the people around her, and how over a century she's changed an infinite amount of lives.
The city of Smiths Grove announced Sunday was officially "Carrie Lee Jordan Day.
Carrie lee says she lives her life by one philosophy, "Do whatever you can to help out one person each day."

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